Warehousing and contract logistics

Hövelmann Logistik is an experienced partner in dedicated and multi-user warehousing. With our total warehousing space of over 128.000 sqm we fulfill all the demands of a modern warehouse.

Depending on customer requirements and the type of goods, different storage methods are used:

  • Bay warehouse
  • Narrow-aisle warehouse
  • UPC shuttle stock
  • Shelving
  • Temperature storage
  • Block storage

Our company-wide, unified modern warehouse management system is highly flexible and versatile.

Hövelmann Logistik handles your customers’ orders quickly and reliably. With many of our customers, we have long-term contracts. Here we take on the full range of value-added services in addition to pure storage:

Picking / Packing

The picking is the assembly of certain articles from a provided assortment on the basis of orders.

Hövelmann setzt unterschiedliche Kommissioniersysteme wie z.B. Pick-by-Voice ein. Hövelmann use different picking systems, such as Pick-by-voice.

This technique completely replaces paper picking by paperless picking. Compared to conventional picking solutions, Pick-by-Voice offers the significant advantage of reducing the work steps in the picking process. The order picker hears the pick instructions via a headset and confirms his step by voice input into the microphone. The communication with the speech system takes place via a small mobile computer, which the employee carries in a bag on his belt. As mobile devices standard PDAs are used.

It has shown that assembly work is becoming increasingly important for our customers.

We pack for you the various parts by hand or by machine according to your specifications. You can rely on our assembly work.

Picking packing

Display construction

Display construction

With the possibility of placing your promotional goods in sales displays you get assembled, ready-for-sale shipping units and can deliver perfectly presented products to your local dealer.

Thanks to our motivated and experienced employees, your orders are in good hands.

More value-added services

Naturally we take care of many more value-added services for you, i.e.:

  • Labelling
  • Repacking
  • Banding jobs
  • Unloading of overseas containers
  • Handling of special promotions
More value-added services


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