Information logistics

Information Logistics secures the provision and exchange of all relevant information within the supply chain with all involved parties (customer / supplier / service provider).

Ensuring smooth and efficient process control is an essential part of our work.

It is all about:

  • the correct information
  • at the right time
  • in the right format and quality
  • for the right recipient
  • at the right place
Information logistics

Hövelmann Logistik uses 3 systems:

Shipping software

  • Shipment scheduling
  • Vehicle operation plan
  • Monitoring / controlling / statistics
  • Workforce management
  • Freight optimization
  • Freight simulation
  • Forwarding quotation
  • Loading management
  • Damage management
  • DMS – Document Management System

Trimble telematic system

The entire truck fleet of Hövelmann Logistik is equipped with this telematic system.

The features in detail:

  • Positioning
  • Communication
  • Navigation
  • Monitoring of operating times
  • Reduction of fuel consumption
  • Evaluations

Based on this data, our driving instructors analyze individual training needs. The drivers are trained according to specific needs in economic and ecologically correct driving.

WMS (Warehouse - Management - System)

To guarantee the smooth running of our warehouse and contract logistics operations, we use a multi-site, flexible

warehouse management system with the following functions:

  • Goods receipt and admission to warehouse
  • Receipt of incoming goods advice notes
  • Receipt of incoming goods (PC workstation)
  • Receipts of incoming goods (mobile, radio terminal)
  • Storage (document / radio)
  • Cross docking (document / radio)
  • Traceability of all goods receipts

Warehouse optimization

  • Warehouse reorganization (relocation orders manually)
  • Warehouse reorganization (ABC)
  • Warehouse reorganization (compacting)
  • Perform relocation (document / radio)
  • Automatic replenishment (real time)
  • Shut-off automatic (batch)

Order processing

  • Picking single items
  • Picking: multi-order, optimized routes, etc.

Packing, shipping and loading

  • Goods receipt, loading (document issuing)
  • Retraceability based on SSCC
  • Traceability of all outgoing goods

Data management

  • Traceability of all incoming and outgoing goods
  • Delivery order documentation
  • Delivery order management
  • Customer master and address management
  • Item master management


  • Key Performance Indicators (reports)
  • Personnel evaluations (reports)
  • Serial number management
  • Batch management
  • Label printing
  • Data exchange with transport service providers


  • Inventory control and implementation (document / radio)
  • Inventory comparison with customers in real time
  • Inventory documentation


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