Company philosophy

As an independent, owner-managed family company, we provide innovative and high-quality logistics services for industrial and commercial customers.

Flat hierarchies, short decision making processes and qualified employees guarantee maximum flexibility and competence in problem-solving. Customer orientation and trust are not only written down as our corporate principles, we actively live and embody our corporate philosophy.

In addition to our standard services, in close cooperation with our customers, we develop and realize tailor-made logistics solutions. It is our conviction that only in a trusting cooperation which covers all the interfaces can the planning, implementation and operation of efficient logistics systems be realized.

Our company’s planning is not a question of quarterly goals, moreover we focus on long-term success.

Leadership mission

Leadership buero company philosophy

Our management members have a role model towards their employees

  • They motivate their employees and create a positive working atmosphere
  • They are reliable seniors for their employees and keep to agreements
  • They communicate proactively and provide orientation for their area of work
  • They are aware of their social responsibility

Our managers promote the values of Hövelmann

  • They encourage loyalty to the company
  • They act in accordance with the corporate philosophy
  • They grant freedom and encourage personal initiative and responsibility
  • They improve the quality of and contribute to customer satisfaction
Leadership warehouse company philosophy
Leadership company philosophy

Managers promote and develop their employees

  • They give clearly defined and achievable tasks
  • They are responsible for the development of their employees and plan with them needs-based trainings.
  • They assess their employees based on their work results, their social skills and give feedback.

Our managers communicate in a transparent and open way

  • They provide their employees with the necessary information within their area of responsibility.
  • They make company decisions understandable for their staff.
  • They make management decisions and related objectives transparent.
Leadership hövelmann company philosophy


Last Friday, we welcomed nine new trainees to our site. After the welcome by our senior Wilhelm...

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