Sustainability and environmental protection

Conserving resources and acting with responsibility for future generations is part of our corporate philosophy. Most of the electricity we use, for example, is self-produced.

In addition to this, we contribute to protecting the environment in a variety of different ways. In the following fields we are committed to increasing our energy-efficiency:

Vehicle fleet

– Modern fleet
– Reduction of maximum truck speed
– Trucks with gas admixtures
– Testing and evaluation of alternative drive concepts
– Reduction of empty run rate

Driver training

Our drivers receive regular training on economically and ecologically optimized driving by our own driving instructors.

Equipment at our sites

– Intelligent lighting control systems
– Photovoltaic systems for renewable energy production
– LED lighting

Environmentally friendly measures

– Continuous awareness-raising measures with our employees
– Reduction of water, electricity and heating costs
– Recycling of materials
– Reduction in paper consumption