Development of logistics real estate

We are happy to take over the entire logistics process for you. However, there may also be reasons or a company philosophy that mean you still want to perform your own warehouse logistics activities.
Our services cover the development of individual, tailor-made logistics properties by our architect.
In this area we have references and completed installations, including projects in the fields of automotive, sports equipment manufacturers and lighting industries. Feel free to contact us. We can develop solutions together with you.

Property to rent

Hövelmann Logistik owns various real estate and land properties. The following list shows you available office space, warehouse space and land. In most cases, part rentals are also possible. Feel free to contact us. We can develop solutions together with you.

Frank Maslock, Branch Manager, Haldensleben
+49 3904 472-116

Current real estate availability

Latest Properties 39340 Haldensleben (Exposé)
Latest Properties 39340 Haldensleben
Latest Properties 39340 Haldensleben
Latest Properties 39340 Haldensleben
Latest Properties 46446 Emmerich
Latest Properties 39343 Bartensleben
Harbke2017-06-30 (6)
Latest Properties 39365 Harbke
Hermsdorf 2017-07-06 (10)
Latest Properties 39326 Hermsdorf