Hövelmann updates fleet of trucks

Interview in the “Rheinische Post“ newspaper on 2.9.2015 with Bernd Hövelmann on the subject of “Investing in new vehicles and building a new warehouse“.


Interview in the Rheinische Post newspaper on 27.07.2015 with Wilhelm Hövelmann and Frank Maslock on the subject of longliners and gigaliners.

We‘re celebrating our 70th annniversary!

Based in Rees, North Rhine Westphalia, Hövelmann Logistik is a medium-sized transport and logistics company which is being run by the third family generation. Today, Hövelmann is one of the biggest employers in Rees, and the company has developed over the years transforming from a pure transport company to a logistics expert. Alongside its classic transport business, Hövelmann Logistik offers a range of warehousing and contract logistics services. This enables customers to concentrate on their core competence, increase their performance , improve processes and reduce costs.  Bernhard Hövelmann founded the company in 1945 as a haulage contractor.

4th Generation

On 1st August 2015, the fourth generation of the Hövelmann family has become active in the company. Bernd Hövelmann’s daughter, Anika (2. from left), has started an apprenticeship as a freight forwarding and logistics services clerk in the head office at Rees.

Our subsidiary in Haldensleben celebrates its 25th anniversary

25 years ago, shortly after German reunification, Hövelmann Logistik made the decision to expand and founded a subsidiary in ‘East Germany‘.

One of the reasons was the fact that the company KERAMAG in Ratingen, who had already been working with Hövelmann successfully for a long number of years in the western part Germany, acquired the company ‘Keramische Werke‘ in Haldensleben. KERAMAG commissioned Hövelmann with freight forwarding and handling in Haldensleben.

Hövelmann Logistik then first of all acquired ‘Haldenslebener Kraftverkehr‘, which at that time was one of the major transport companies in former East Germany. Shortly after this, Hövelmann Logistik built the forwarding terminal at Dammühlenweg, which borders directly on the KERAMAG site. Thus the partnership with KERAMAG with Hövelmann Logistik has continued to flourish.

Today, the Haldensleben subsidiary is one of the largest sites in the Hövelmann Logistik Group.